Drunk In Love

Happy Friday Friends!

Valentine’s Day might be over but I’m still bringing the love...or maybe alcohol right into the weekend! MK, Theo Shane, and I had a great V-Day staying in. Theo sipped his milk while MK and I enjoyed wine, cheeses, and some steak. I do love our tradition of staying in!


Today’s cocktail is seriously delicious. I’m not typically a mason jar kind of person but I saw this adorable cup at my local Shop n’ Save and couldn’t resist making a drink for it (and then later use it for decoration).

What you do:

Simply add your booze, and top with Strawberry Lemonade!

You can add sprinkles to your rim if desired.


I hope you have a great weekend full of love and maybe a little hootch!


Let’s Get Cheesy

Hello Friends!

If you know me then you know I love to entertain. Hosting parties is like my thing. I also love to pick on appetizers and sip my vino instead of sit down dinners (I mean of course there is a time and place for that). On today’s Perfectly Plated I’m talking about the anatomy of the PERFECT cheese plate. Recently, I had someone tell me I should do a post on doing a cheese platter like you would order in a restaurant. Well here you go! MK and I always stay in for Valentines Day, and usually do wine and cheese. There also might be steaks involved. But always wine and cheese.

When I started hosting many years ago,  I did soooo much research on how to make the perfect cheeseboard. One full proof thing I learned was “something old, something new, something goat, and something blue”.  That will always stay in my head when creating this appetizer. A board like this might be intimidating but I can assure you it isn’t hard.

How to Charcuterie:

Here is a list of what I used:

Meats: Pepperoni


Prosciutto wrapped around mozzarella

Sliced ham

Sweet Sopressata

Cheeses: Asiago (old)

Fresh Mozzarella  (new)



Gorgonzola (blue)

I added: Grapes

Gorgonzola stuffed olives



Raspberry Rhubarb

Fresh Rosemary

An assortment of bread and crackers. Make sure to mix up the texture and flavors.


I recently came to own cheese knives. Why they weren't already a part of my life before is beyond me. But, I thought it would go perfectly with this cheeseboard talk to break down what you use them for.

Spatula: This one is for cheeses like Brie or Camembert

Cheese Fork: Move cheese easily with this to plates

Heart Shaped: Best for hard cheeses like Asiago

Soft Cheese Knife: For Gorgonzola or Mozzarella


No matter what your V-Day plans are, I hope they include some delicious cheese and wine of course.


Swooning Over Skivvies

The perfect Dior word for Valentine’s Day week! 

I have so much to say about this topic that I almost don’t know where to start...


One thing that is still absolutely true is that lingerie is that it is the basis of good dressing. The amazing thing about lingerie is that it can totally transform your mood, the way you walk, and also the way you look in your normal clothes! 

I’ve always loved lingerie and have a pretty huge collection but I think it’s so cool how it has made its was into current fashion with bodysuits. It almost becomes more than lingerie. It becomes a statement.


A difference from the time Dior was in and now, is that I think lingerie as gotten a little less serious. Don’t get me wrong, really good lingerie is worth the splurge and I love my La Perlas but I also like to play with different colors and styles without having to break the bank. 

So even if you’re the only one seeing your Skivvies this Valentine’s Day, have fun with it and make yourself feel pretty!