Kitchen Fearlessness

It’s Wednesday and I might be in the routine enough to know what day it is now.

I think it’s so important to try things in the kitchen. Anything. Any recipe, from any part of the world. I feel like so many have a fear of “what if it’s gross” or “what if I mess it up?”. So what! And believe me I’ve messed things up. There is an Orzo Scallop dish that still haunts me. It was a stupid mistake but the important part is that you tried something new and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone.  

I could live off of sushi so this week I attempted a simple California Roll. Now, I made sushi once years ago and it was great. The only difference this time is that I made the sticky rice from scratch before and it took forever! I’m a little more food savvy now, I realized that you can just buy the sticky rice. Seriously don’t mess with making it.

I was for sure a little leary to make it again and really wanted to do it right. Luckily you only need a few ingredients to make it:

Crab or shrimp (it’s the most simple if you don’t want to mess with raw fish) 

Sticky rice (I used Annie Chun’s one minute sticky rice) 

Cucumber slices, seeded and sliced thin

Cream cheese , I used low fat

Bamboo rolling mat and paddle

Nori, toasted seaweed wraps

*Find the rice, mat and paddle (sold together),

and Nori in the Asian section of your grocery store. 


First, you have to decide if you want you sushi rice side out or Nori side out. It’s called an inside our roll to have your rice on the outside which is what I did.

Then, wrap your mat in plastic wrap so the rice won’t stick. The rice is sooooo sticky! You’ll really need that paddle. Spread the rice.


Next just add your Nori on top of the rice. 


Next, add your crab, cream cheese, and cucumbers.


After that, just use your mat to roll everything. Make sure your roll is nice and tight (might could have been tighter). All you have to do after that is cut your rolls and enjoy!  


Did my rolls come out perfect? Oh hell no. I need A LOT of practice but I’m so glad I made them because I’m determined to get really good at sushi making. One thing is for sure they were delicious!! If you see my Instastory, then you can see I also tried these with Nori side out. Equally as good but I will say much, much easier.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this Wednesday treats you well!