Fast Fashion

Swooning Over Skivvies

The perfect Dior word for Valentine’s Day week! 

I have so much to say about this topic that I almost don’t know where to start...


One thing that is still absolutely true is that lingerie is that it is the basis of good dressing. The amazing thing about lingerie is that it can totally transform your mood, the way you walk, and also the way you look in your normal clothes! 

I’ve always loved lingerie and have a pretty huge collection but I think it’s so cool how it has made its was into current fashion with bodysuits. It almost becomes more than lingerie. It becomes a statement.


A difference from the time Dior was in and now, is that I think lingerie as gotten a little less serious. Don’t get me wrong, really good lingerie is worth the splurge and I love my La Perlas but I also like to play with different colors and styles without having to break the bank. 

So even if you’re the only one seeing your Skivvies this Valentine’s Day, have fun with it and make yourself feel pretty!  


Put Together and Polished

Clearly we all know what earrings are. But I must say I just adore the way Dior speaks. This was the days where heading to the country for a weekend was a thing. I picture that couple sitting in a convertible, the woman with a scarf around her head so that her hair doesn’t get messed up buy the wind…

Okay, enough day dreaming….


Having worked in jewelry for a couple of years I got to see to many amazing earrings. True works of art. And I believe every woman should have a simple pair of earrings for every day. My favorite is of course, pearls. But I must say nowadays, you don’t have to save those big fun earring just for evening. Here are two pretty different looks of mine:


Even if your hair is down earrings really do finish off a look. This could be the only jewelry you have on and it will still always make you look more polished and put together.

Here is to a new week!


Accentuate You

I feel like I need a redo for Monday...

I find it so interesting that Dior published his Fashion Dictionary book in 1954 and all of the things that changed. Also some that hasn’t. I absolutely love today’s word “Accent”. It’s like the exclamation point to your final look. I love things that are personal and an accent as Dior so perfectly puts, no one can do it better than you. Now, no one is really wearing a flower per say, but accents are still alive and well in the fashion world.


I’ve loved bees for a really long time. Far longer than the Gucci boom when you started to see them everywhere. This Swarovski bee pin is so fun to add to literally anything! A coat, blazer, or as shown here on a scarf. I feel like a pin in the perfect accent to any outfit. Find one that speaks to you.


Tuesday’s are weird. Hope yours isn’t. Get a strong coffee kick it’s ass.